Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Lots to talk about!!

Well - it's been AGES since I wrote on here so I've got lots and lots to tell you!
In a nutshell - I've played Prince Charming in Cinderella on Horseback; Becca has played a highwaywoman in a charity event; I am now a qualified massage therapist; Becca has been to Disneyland Paris auditioning for Annie Oakley, and meeting the owner of Cirque d'Hiver about some possible work; I've filmed Warwick Castle's new advert; and Becca has bought two new horses - Navvy and Folly! On top of all this we've been developing aspects of our shows ready for the 2009 season, so as you can tell, we've been very very busy! I'll explain everything in more detail soon.
Our first show is less than six weeks away, so we'll be out and about before you know it! We're off up to Stonham Barns on Easter Sunday for the Mid Suffolk Show - let's hope the sun shines and we look forward to seeing you there!
Lots of love,
Rosie xx

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