Sunday, 21 October 2007

West Country Equine Event

We had a really good day at the Bath and West Showground on Sunday for the West Country Equine Event. The four of us (Rebecca, Ronan, Duncan and I) were a bit worried we may be a bit rusty having not done any shows since the end of August, but a good rehearsal on Friday soon put paid to those worries, and both shows were fantastic! We tweaked both shows slightly and there was a definate improvement, so now we have to remember the changes for next year!

We're now into winter training, and although Tinker and Ronan are having well deserved rests, Rebecca and I have our work cut out preparing for next year. We've been busy doing plenty of mailouts so hopefully we'll be getting lots of bookings for next year - we'll keep you posted!!

Hope you and your horses are wrapped up for winter!

Rosie x

West Country Equine Event

Saturday, 6 October 2007