Monday, 10 November 2008

Showman's Show

Well it was a couple of weeks ago now but Rebecca and I had great fun at the Showman's Show. We set ourselves up a little stand in Peter Johnson's big top tent and covered it with lots of costumes, posters and photos, set up our laptops playing our show reel and website - and then realised the whole thing closely resembled both our bedrooms!
We were very lucky in that our stand was situated between a Terrier racing man who had three gorgeous (if slightly smelly) Jack Russell puppies with him, and Dingle Fingle's fire engine - both of which served as brilliant attractions and allowed us to accost lots of unsuspecting would be passersby!

It was a lovely couple of days - we made lots of new friends, and caught up with some old ones we haven't seen for a while. We even learnt a new skill - riding a penny farthing! This isn't as easy as you might think and we have Felix and Felix (or Kim and Nik - sorry guys!) to thank for letting us persuade them to teach us!

We also met some brilliant balloon modelists who could literally make anything from balloons. My favourite was when they made a little boy into a helicopter - who then spent the whole afternoon 'flying' around the tent! They also made us a really sweet little Jive Pony balloon model!

There were lots of things to see and do at the show, including brilliant tribute acts to Madonna, Amy Winehouse and Kylie on the stage right next to our tent. There was also a spider web tower to try and climb, It's a Knockout with Keith Chegwin, fighting giants, some farm animals and a pink plane piloted by pirates to name a few! Click here to see the photos of everything.

In amongst all this Rebecca and I did manage to schmooze quite a few show organisers - so hopefully we'll be getting some work for next year. Having said that the bookings are already coming in, we've even got a few lined up for 2010!

So even though the shows have finished Becca and I have plenty to keep us busy over the winter. I've just completed a massage course so I'll be spending the next couple of months doing case studies before my exams in January, and Becca is looking to do a personal trainer course, so we're definitely keeping busy!

We'll also be working really hard on all our shows over the winter - we've got lots and lots of new ideas so it's going to be fun trying them all out and finding out what does and doesn't work! I'll keep you posted on our progress!

It just leaves me to say thankyou to everyone who has supported us this season - it's been our best one yet and we couldn't have done it on our own so THANKYOU! And we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2009!

Lots of love
Rosie xx