Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Royal Show and Blenheim Palace Photoshoot

What a busy week we've had! Rebecca, Ronan, Tinker, Tim and I set off for the Royal Show on Wednesday for a four day duo show - our first four dayer ever! Thursday and Friday were a bit slow with only small audiences for the shows, but thankfully we were next to the forge so the farriers made up for it with lots of cheering and whistling! On Saturday we were looking forward to a good show as lots of our friends and family had come to watch. Unfortunately, we got five minutes in to the show when then music system and microphones completely failed - really embarrassing! There was nothing we could do so we just had to leave the arena and wait until it was fixed. So after about ten minutes we went back in and started again - only for exactly the same thing to happen at exactly the same point in the show - really really embarrassing! Thankfully it was fixed properly for the afternoon show, although by then most of our friends had left!

Both the shows went really well on Sunday - despite us all having slightly fuzzy heads and wobbly legs from the young farmers party the night before! We got a bit rained on in the first show, so all the tack, costumes and horses got soaking wet and covered in mud, but the sun shone for our very last show so we finished on a high! Even better, the organisers had asked us if we'd like to perform our final show in the main arena, but due to time constraints and lack of arena preparation we unfortunately had to say no. Maybe next year though...

After we'd packed up we managed to watch the Bolddog Motorbike Display Team in the main arena - some of the jumps they were doing were just amazing! We managed to get a few photos of them - unfortunately they were about the only thing we did take pictures of as we kept forgetting to get the camera out! Sorry!

We did a photo shoot at Blenheim Palace yesterday for the CLA Gamefair at the end of the month, and in between the showers it was great fun! We took the horses for photos on the bridge, in the main arena, and up the steps right in front of the palace! They were both fantastic and made us really proud! After the photos we went for a wander around the grounds and saw the Italian Garden, the Secret Garden and the Orangery. Both the boys were very generous with their gifts, Ronan leaving a huge pile in front of the palace and Tinker leaving one by the Temple of Health in the gardens!!

Click here to see (very few!) photos from the last week.

We're off to Capel Manor in North London on Friday for a two day solo show, so I'll let you know how it goes.
Lots of love

Rosie xx

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Anonymous said...

i saw the photo shoot and i saw you today at the CLA game fair it was really good it was me who sent you an email quite resently i explaned alot then so please read that
lots of love
pony mad Bethy