Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Hartpury Festival of Dressage

Our Super-Duo has had it's first outing! It was on Saturday night for the Gala Evening of Hartpury College's Festival of Dressage, and everything went really well - none of us forgot anything! When we started the show the whole audience clapped along with us really loudly - the atmosphere was absolutely electric! Both Becca and I, and especially the horses, loved it - as you can see from the top picture Tinker found the whole thing very exciting!!
I'll try and find some more photos of the show, the two above were the only ones on the website but I'm sure I can track some more down at some point!
We're off to Blenheim Palace tomorrow for the CLA Gamefair. This is one of our most favourite shows so we're really looking forward to it, and hoping for some decent weather! We're doing three shows a day for all three days, a super-duo in the main arena in the morning and then the two solo shows in the afternoon - so although Becca and I have to vault three times a day the horses only have to do two shows a day each - lucky them!!
Hope to see you there!
Love Rosie xx

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