Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Woodgreen Show

We've started the 2008 season! On Friday afternoon Rebecca, Ronan, Simon, Tinker and I all set off for Woodgreen Animal Shelter in Cambridgeshire, for a three day solo show. It was a lovely start to the season, with gorgeous weather all weekend - just the way we like it! Simon did brilliantly in his first shows for us, he definately is a funny man! Tinker and Ronan shared the shows so they didn't have to work too hard, and they both seemed really pleased to be out and about again. We also found some time to play on the enormous bouncy castle, click here to see the photos of that and more from the whole wekend.
We're off up to Ayr on Friday morning for a two day duo show, it's the first time we'll be performing our new duo show so keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll let you know how we get on...
Hope you're enjoying the sunshine,
lots of love Rosie xx

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