Monday, 19 May 2008

Newbury Parade

Rebecca, Ronana and I spent yesterday in Newbury for the town's Spring Festival. We were taking part in a parade through the town centre, ending up on the Giffords Circus site. It was a lovely little parade with a brass band and lots of huge colourful tissue paper animals, we were a bit worried Ronan was going to have a 'Thunderhoof moment' but he was an absolute star and took everything in his stride!
When we stopped at the circus ground we snuck in to watch the performance, which was full of amazing acts and absolutely brilliant to watch. We had a really good time, and I think both Rebecca and Ronan were a little bit tempted to rejoin! (It was, after all, at Giffords that they met and fell in love!) But they managed to resist and Jive Pony will be back on the road on Friday. We're off to Epsom for a three day solo show, then a day off on Tuesday when we're driving up to Suffolk for a two day duo show. Phew, mini-tour! I'll let you know how we get on...
Lots of love,
Rosie xx

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