Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tysoe Flower Show

We were at Tysoe Flower Show on Saturday - and what a wet, wild and windy show it turned out to be, our luck with the sunshine definately ran out! The organisers told us it was the first time in twenty-six years it had rained on show day - it seemed to have saved the whole lot up for us! We got absolutley soaked during both shows, but despite this it was really good fun! Have a look at the photos to see just how wet it really was!

We were also filmed throughout the day by a two man crew - Jack and Dale - as soon as I know when and where you can watch the programme I'll be sure to let you know.

We're off on another mini tour this weekend - Frogham Fair in Wiltshire on Saturday and Emsworth Show in Hampshire on Monday. This time we're taking Tinker as well as Ronan, as most of the shows Tinker would have been doing this year were unfortunately cancelled, but we still want to get him out and about so he's coming too! It also means Ronan will have some company and won't have to work quite so hard! Rebecca and I are both a bit nervous about swapping roles for the first show but we've got plenty of practise planned for this week so I'm sure it'll all be fine!! I'll let you know how we got on...

Lots of love

Rosie xx

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