Thursday, 9 August 2007

Camelford Agricultural Show

We headed off to Cornwell on Tuesday for the 101st Camelford Show, which was set in the most beautiful surroundings with gorgeus views and fantastic weather - we felt spoilt all round!! Both the shows went really well with the exception of slightly erratic music. At one point during the second show we had no music whatsoever and finally resorted to asking the crowd to clap a rhythm for Becca to vault to! This they did brilliantly so thankyou very much if you were there clapping!

Duncan and Becca passed some of the time practising their rope spinning, have a look at the pictures to see for yourself!! There are also a couple of photos of the amazing wind turbines we passed - Duncan found them very hypnotic - no so good for lorry drivers!!

We're off to Danson in Kent tommorow (Friday) for an Oakleigh's Fair - we're hoping for more of this lovely sunshine! I'll let you know how we got on soon...

Love Rosie x


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