Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Website Update

Our website has been given a makeover in preparation for the 2010 season! It's looks really good, and has loads of new photos and information on it. Our lovely website man Scott has been a busy boy and done a brilliant job, we're both really pleased with it! Click here to have a proper browse and see for yourself! If only Becca and I could both have a makeover too - since the frosts have thawed everything is so muddy we seem to both just be constantly filthy! I can't imagine even trying to look slightly glamourous at the moment - wading around in my wellies and stamping on muck heaps is as good as it gets, so it's a relief to know that our first show is quite a long way off!
Despite the weather I have donned the false lashes in the past week - I've been busy working over at The Devil's Horsemen Buckinghamshire base performing in their Christmas Pantomime on Horseback. I'm currently trying to get my hands on some photos so as soon as I do I will be writing all about that - however I can tell you that Tinker was his usual fantastic self, and Casper made his debut performance! Not quite so fantastic though.....
I'll tell you more soon!
Hope you and your horses all had a lovely Christmas, myself and mine certainly did!
Rosie xx

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