Sunday, 7 June 2009

Radlett Festival

We've just had a fantastic day down at the Radlett Festival where, against all odds, it was gloriously sunny all day long! Rebecca, Ronan, Myself Tinker and Alex set off yesterday afternoon for Radlett, where we were due to perform our solo shows. The festival is organised by Rebecca's friend's (Chem) boyfriend's (Alex) mum (Viv) so we really wanted to do super good shows for her!

Having arrived and set up (still using the tried and tested technique of having a wheelbarrow in a trolley as opposed to a ladder!) we all went to bed, only to listen to the torrential rain and incredibly loud thunder all night. Except for Alex that is, who slept through everything! It was still going at 7am and both Rebecca and I started to wonder whether we would be able to go ahead with the shows or not, and just praying for it to at least ease up a bit. However, by the time we got up (later than usual - our first show wasn't until 1.20pm!) it was lovely and sunny! So we starred the horses up, covered them with gold glitter spray and went and did two brilliant shows! And it stayed sunny for the entire day! We couldn't believe our luck, and the festival went brilliantly. There was all sorts of things going on: majorettes; tug of wars; dog classes, with dogs all dressed up fancy dress; a scarecrow competition; and..... ELVIS SCHMELVIS!!!!

We'd seen Elvis Schmelvis advertising banners before (our show earlier in the year in Brighton), but couldn't believe we were actually going to get to see him in the flesh, and we did - complete with rhinestones and cape! We were so excited, so as soon as we could we went and boogied away with him! We were all pulling out some pretty special dance moves, just have a look at the video below to see some of mine and Alex's!!

Afterwards we had our photo taken with him (or Martyn as he's known off stage!), and as well as being very talented he's a really lovely guy. So we're hoping to see him at a show again soon! Having absolutely worn ourselves out dancing like maniacs (far harder work than vaulting!) we packed down and set of for home, and as we were loading the horses it started raining - how's that for timing!

We managed to take quite a few photo's of everything, just click here to have a look. We're off to Banbury Show next weekend which is just down the road for us, for a one day duo show - and we're hoping the weather will be just as kind to us! I'll tell you all about it when we get back.

Love Rosie xx

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