Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mid Suffolk Show

Our first show of 2009! It was all go this weekend - Rebecca, Ronan, myself, Tinker, Simon and Alex (our new recruit - glamourous assistant in training) set off on Saturday in our HUGE new lorry for Stonham Barns and the Mid Suffolk Show. When we arrived and found a show programme we were delighted to see we were the cover girls - but it made us quite nervous! Having arrived and set up it was time for Simon's intellectual challenge number one - setting up the new toilet tent! None of us knew how to do this, and Becca was the only one who knew what it should look like, but nonetheless Simon succeeded and the new toilet tent was revealed! It really suits the glamourous assistant role - it is white and green with a turreted roof (yes - it has a roof!!) and the best thing about it is - it's waterproof! (Have that British summertime...)
At bedtime it was time for intellectual challenge number two - changing the seating in the lorry into a bed for Alex and Simon. We did the base really easily and then spent ages trying to figure out how to arrange to cushions - there were so many possibilities! We finally settled on an arrangement, but the bed was still a bit short, a problem which Simon (dressed in his fantastic bright red Coca-Cola pantaloon style pyjamas!) solved by opening the microwave and putting his feet in it!!

Thankfully the weather on Sunday was glorious, just what we needed for the start of the season. The show ground was lovely with a beautiful, flat arena - just what we like. Our shows both went really well, even though we were both very nervous beforehand. Our new, improved, faster roman riding to Greased Lightning was the highlight of the shows and the crowd loved it! We've even got 'T Bird' style leather jackets with Jive Pony and diamantes on the back - and not forgetting the glamourous assistant's Pink Ladies version!!

After the shows we went around the showground and came across the most enormous rabbit. His name was Bruno and despite the fact that he was only nine months old he weighed an incredible eighteen pounds! He was just huge, and made the guinea pigs next to him look minute! I was lucky enough to hold one of the guinea pigs (they are my favourite - I always look forward to seeing them at shows), a beautiful silver agouti boy called Rayen. I was talking to the lady on the stand and it turned out not only did she own all twenty of the guinea pigs at the show, but that she had another eighty or so back at home! That's one hundred guinea pigs under one roof!! We also saw some of the other displays: dog agility with the dogs jumping through fire hoops; sheepdog herding, with both turkeys (very funny) and geese; and logging with our next door neighbour Jason and his little horse Moonie.

We also came across a Rodeo Pig. He was big and pink with an evil glint in his eye... but not being afraid of a challenge we all took it in turns to ride him and see how long we could stay on! It was quite difficult and neither Becca, myself nor Simon lasted very long. However, Alex rides racehorses and managed to stay on for ages and ages! We took lots of photos of this and everything else, just click here to have a look at them.

We've got a photoshoot planned for Tuesday next week with a very good photographer called Fiona Bridgeland - I'll put the photos up as soon as I can!

Lots of love

Rosie xx


Theo Clarke said...

Not realising that you were on for only the one day, we went to Stonham Barns on Saturday. We could not see either of your Sunday shows because we were already committed elsewhere. At least we had an excellent lunch at the Ten Bells in Stonham Aspall. We cannot make Hadleigh Show this year so will see you at Trinity Park at the end of May. Have fun in Brighton.

Rosie said...

Hi Theo - sorry you missed us!! I'm glad you had a good day though. We're in Suffolk lots this year - as well as the two you mentioned we'll be at Eye Show at Goodrich Park at the end of August, so I'm sure you'll be able to catch us at some point! Make sure you come and say hello, we always like to make new friends!

Rosie x

Theo Clarke said...

Hi Rosie: I have just seen a glorious photo of you and Tinker filling half a page as the titling of the Events Guide in Ipswich Central magazine. Sadly, there is no name check for Jive Pony in the brief piece below it promoting the Suffolk Show. Have fun in Hadleigh this weekend.