Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Shaftesbury and Gillingham Town and Country Fayre

On Saturday Becca, Ronan, Simon, Tinker and I set off for Dorset for the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Town and Country Fayre. It was a long drive with no motorway, and at one point we counted twenty roundabouts in twenty miles! The two shows went well on the Sunday, except in the second show when my microphone died and we had to cope with just one between the two of us! Luckily we had Simon to assist us (in his own glamourous way!) and he ran backwards and forwards passing the microphone between us!

The show was very full with lots of gorgeous vintage steam engines, wagons and fire trucks, lots of alpacas, donkeys, pigs (and piglets), poultry and guinea pigs (my favourites!). Unfortunately though, by the time we'd sorted ourselves out after the show everybody had pretty much packed up and gone home, so we only managed to get a very few photos. Although I did manage to get one of the naughty little pig that escaped, he managed to run amok for about ten minutes before being captured, much to everyone's amusement!

The journey home went well until about twenty-five miles from home when our faithful old lorry (Bloody Wacky Dipstick) completely gave up and broke down. Thankfully we managed to make it into a layby, but then we just had to sit and wait for the rescue people. We amused ourselves by playing with the Haribo pancake that had been accidentally created by leaving our tub of sweets in the sunshine all weekend, it was the weirdest looking thing ever, but still tasted the same!

We eventually all got home, but I'm not sure Bloody Wacky will be coming to any more shows with us, so if anyone knows of a (fairly cheap) HGV horsebox looking for a lovely new home please let us know!!

We're off to the Three Counties Show at Malvern on Thursday. This is one of our favourite shows so we're all really looking forward to it - hope to see you there!
Lots of love
Rosie xx

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