Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy belated 2008!

Preparations are now well under way for our 2008 season, which kicks off in just six weeks! Rebecca and I have been very busy rehearsing our current shows, writing a new duo show, making new soundtracks, getting new costumes together, sorting out props, as well as getting ourselves and the horses fit!

Tinker and Ronan both had a nice relaxing winter, but are now both working really hard on their vaulting and their dances, hopefully we'll have a few more tricks to show you all this summer! Sonny is going well and should do a few shows this year to help ease the load on Ronan, and Casper's range of tricks means he should be able to perform a dance by the end of the season. Fingers crossed for both of them!!

Due to changes in circumstances Duncan won't be performing with us this year so we've been on the look out for a new glamarous assisstant - it's a tricky role to fill, Thunderhooves is not an easy horse to handle!! Watch this space to see how we get on...

We've got shows all over this year, from Ayr to Devon, Suffolk to Carmarthen, so we're bound to be near you at some point! Check out our calendar to see where we'll be, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Hope all of you and your horses and ponies are well and happy,

lots of love

Rosie x

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Paul said...

No duncan !! show will be a lil better now lol, sorry just kidding. hope hes ok i did tell him not to keep poking thunderhoof (that horse has a mean kick to it!)
No worries about seeing the show, me and my mate will be there at the 3 counties clapping like complete loons like we did last yr! even the rain didnt put us off and it certainly wont this yr :OD